About Us

HEARTLAND is more than just a name - it's a mindset. Our offices have been located in America's heartland since we opened our doors in January, 1999. We have mid-American values. We believe in:

  • hard work
  • competence
  • total customer value
  • doing the right thing

That's why we custom-order every building we sell. You don't conform to our needs; we conform to yours.

That's why we act as your project consultant, not just a sales team. We recognize you are the expert regarding your 'space' needs. Our job is to help you understand how your needs affect design and overall project pricing. If there's a less expensive way to do it, we are ready to discuss those ideas with you. Our combined industry experience of 25+ years will help you get the most building for your money.

That's why we 'go the second mile' to meet your needs. We understand that some customers want simply to purchase a building kit. We can do that, competitively - anywhere in the 48 states. But others want something more. They want the building erected for them. We do that as well, within a certain radius of our home-base, and depending on the size of the building you want.

That is why 'who we are' sets us apart from all others. Because of our heartland values and who we are, we set our 'finish line' far down the road from where others may quit. Because we erect buildings, we know our service doesn't stop with 'the sales order.' Like you, we don't consider the job done until your building is 'up.'

That is why we specialize in 'space.' People really don't want 'buildings,' they want 'space.' Space for storage -- space to conduct business -- space for meeting together. We provide solutions to your space needs.